How we can Help 



Teens these days are busier than ever, with access to the world in a way no other generation has every experienced.  With grades, extra-curriculars, jobs, relationships and the high expectations from family all piling on its no wonder these amazing kids feel overwhelmed. We can help with the college application/essay writing process too! 

​​​Young Adults
​​College students are exposed to diverse and exciting set of experiences and cultures which require a whole new set of life skills.  Preparing for this change and adapting to a new environment can be a shock to the system.  During the college years, the competition of the real world looms.  Relationships, gradation, a job search, relocation and pressures from living away from home and campus can be one of lives most challenging transitions.


​The preparations, the changes and the compromises that surround one of the most memorable moments of our lives require honest conversations between couples.  Whether it is as a couple or one-to-one, let us help you through this wonderful life transition. 

​New or soon to be parents

​Preparing to welcome a child into the world presents a massive change of life focus.  As you plan for parenthood you will get advice from multiple sources on how to be the best parents.  We can help you sort out how YOU want to parent your child while planning for many of the important changes your household will go through.  

Parents of teens

You have navigated the toddler and adolescent years, thinking you are now home free!  Little do you realize that the most confusing, fantastic and challenging years are upon you.  Experiencing the parenting of your teen will create lifetime memories in addition to setting the foundation of the   relationship you will have with your child as they reach adulthood.  Everyone has a different opinion on how to do it better, let us help you set goals and boundaries as you     support your teen through these amazing years. 

Empty Nesters

​How do you let go? How do you use this extra time during the week or weekends?  Is it time to re-kindle, try something new    or go on an adventure? Goal setting and anticipating the emotional transition is the key to this life change.


​​Change happens as life moves forward, sometime at our choosing but other times not.  How we adapt, accept and move forward from these life changes can determine how we feel about ourselves on a daily basis.  Do you feel stuck or not sure what steps to take to make the change you want in your life?  We can help you make a plan to reach your goal.

​​Parenting challenges
Diaper changes, lack of sleep, chasing toddlers, soccer games, football practices, dance recitals, middle school, the teen years, homework, driving, homecoming, college choices... Do any of us really know what we are doing? Overwhelmed, feel like you are a team of one? Let’s make a plan to get in front of what’s coming next!

Career transitions
It’s time for a new challenge, or maybe the decision has been made for you.  Do you need to relocate, downsize or dust off the resume?  You might find yourself pulled in many directions, but it’s important to focus on short and long-term goals.  Maybe you want to teach, go back to school, start playing music again or just paint!

Life transitions
There is never the right time to learn difficult news about a loved one.  Family illnesses, relationships ending, job lay-offs or relocation can send the most balanced person or family into a downward spiral.  We can help you get through challenging moments in life with a judgment-free plan of action.

Life purpose explorations
Feeling stuck? Is it time for a change? Muhammad Ali once said that we all must eventually have the one true thing that defines us.  Mark Twain said that the two most important moments of our lives are the day we are born and the day we find out why.  Let’s work together to set some goals, brainstorm on some ideas and make the change you desire for yourself.


School stress and/or life expectations

Grades, time for homework, going out with friends, athletic or fine arts competitions. How do you live up to these expectations? Pressure from family, coaches, directors and bosses can be overwhelming.  Maybe you want a future your family cannot relate to.  There is a way through it, with a partnership that helps you reach the goals you want for yourself.

Whether it’s long distance, a long-term high school, you’ve just met your soul mate in college or a couple trying to communicate while both are working full time, being in a healthy relationship requires commitment and compromise.  Do you need help rediscovering the joy and re-establish a connection? Through the tough times and the life-long memories, you might need a judgment-free supporter that can encourage both of you.

Preparing for college
Not sure where you want to go, let alone what to major in.  Application deadlines coming up? Need an unbiased partner to help fine-tune that application essay?  Now you are about to be on your own, taking care of yourself.  Saying goodbye to friends and meeting new ones.  Maybe moving far from home?  It’s a stressful and emotional time where you might want to set some goals of your own before heading off on a new adventure.

Separation/Travel anxiety
Never been on a plane?  How do you rent a car? Never been away from the family for more than a few days?  Not sure what to do to get from one place to another?  Let’s make a plan before you go on your trip so it’s an adventure instead of stressful.  

Entering the workforce
Time to go to work, either after high school, college or after a life change that puts you back in the mix after a long layoff.  What are you looking to do, where do you start? Do you know the networking opportunities that surround you?  How’s the resume looking?  Let us collaborate with you on your professional goals.

​​Family planning
It’s time to start a family.  Everything’s about to change. Do you need a new place? Who is your support system? What are your needs? What are your fears? Have those conversations together before the big day arrives.  

Work and Life balancing
Do you feel like your work life has overtaken your entire life? Is your family being affected by your work hours?  Do you have any time to relax and do something you want to do?  Have you wanted to spend more time for yourself or your family?
Maintaining a healthy balance is a challenge as you climb the ladder or try to maintain your position.